Semiconductor and Electronics Automotive Aerospace Pharmaceutical


Environmental Stress Screening

Test specimens are exposed to climatic, thermal or mechanical stresses in order to provoke early failures.


Temperature and Climatic Chamber

ACS Temperature and Climatic Test Chambers Models range from Bench Top 16 l to Customised Walk-In Chambers.


Corrosion Testing Chamber

ACS Corrosion Test Chamber perform accelerated tests for achieving specific corrosion stress conditions on your products.


Altitude Test Chamber

Altitude Test Chamber with high performances, flexibility and reliability; temperature and pressure control at high altitude.

Industrial High-Resolution CT & X-Ray System

NDT Testing – X-ray Inspection System

The detection of voids and other imperfections by X-ray can help you meet the inspection needs of the semiconductor and electronics, automotive, aerospace and many other industries.


Weathering Test

The simulation of natural sunlight is achieved using several different methods according to the area of the spectrum it is required to test, in order to check the damage caused by the differing solar radiations.


Lithium-Ion Battery Test System

A set of dedicated options is available for the battery testing field. All devices have been optimised in accordance with the EUCAR Hazard Levels.


Mechanical Test

Test System for Acoustic Testing, Rotating Machinery Diagnostics, Shock & Drop Testing and Vibration Testing.


Signal Analyzers

Choose a range of Data Physic‘s vibration analyzers or hardware platforms from the pocket-sized ACE to the new Abacus combined with your preferred computer platform to configure a state-of-the-art solution for any dynamic signal analysis application.


IP Testing

Many industrial products are exposed to several atmospherical agents in addition to the well known temperature, humidity and corrosion. Very high degradation phenomena are caused by sand, dust, rain and sun light.


Special Projects (Automotive)

Special and customised solutions for various automotive testing.


Power Supplies

Taking advantage of compact and light weight technologies, Matsusada's Power Supplies are used in a wide variety of industries.