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Stability Test Chamber

When testing the stability of drugs according to the guidelines ICH (International Conference on Harmonization)products must be stored under defined climatic conditions.

The test systems VP 280, VP 600, VP 1300 and VP 2000 were specially developed for use in laboratories and supplement the spacious walk-in chambers.


Hot Air Sterilisers for Clean Room

Sterilisation by hot air is a quick, reliable and low cost alternative to chemical method and it can take place at temperatures of 180°C and as high as 350°C.
Irrespective of whether larger containers, small parts or standardised sterilisation units (StE standard) have to be sterilised, the hot air steriliser (ISO 7 compliant) provides an appropriate solution for many areas of application.
Thanks to the integrated HEPA circulating air filter, the requirements of the ISO 5 clean room class are met in the sterilisation chambers of the VHSF series. The filter is an absolute filter (HEPA) and is positioned directly in front of the air intake in the sterilisation chamber. The laminar flow technology ensures a laminar streaming condition with particularly homogeneous temperature distribution.


Photostability Test Chamber in accordance with the ICH Q 1 B Guideline, Pharma-L

The photostability test cabinets are characterised by the ideal distribution of light, UV, temperature and humidity and thus guarantee reproducible light, UV and climate conditions. The lighting systems used comply with the ICH Q1B Guideline Option 2 and make it possible to perform photostability tests in less than 100 hours.


Walk-In Stability Test Chamber

The stability test chambers from weisstechnik® are qualifiable and are designed specifically according to your requirements. Thanks to flexible design and construction techniques, our walk-in chambers can be integrated into existing structures. Virtually any size is possible.