ACS Vibration Chamber

ACS Vibration Test Chambers are well-known for their key features: remarkable basic configuration, flexibility and easy adaptation to many various types of shakers for vertical vibrations thanks to a worm screw type of lifting system allowing the test cabinet to be adapted to the shaker height. It is also possible to add horizontal movement or tri-axial vibration on request.

The available volumes in both thermostatic and climatic standard versions are 600 l, 1200 l and 2200 l. Three choices of temperature change rate are available for the -70/+180°C models: 5, 10, or 15°C/min, while 5°C/min is the only available rate for the -40/+180°C models. For all the climatic models the humidity range is from 10% to 95% (in the temperature range of +10/+95°C).