Advanced Cleaning Solutions

With a full range of Kyzen advanced cleaning solutions, we evaluate the root causes and actions necessary. Kyzen continuously improve their cleaning agents and problem solve to create the most effective cleaning products and solutions to suit your specific needs.

  • Electronics
  • Advanced Packaging
  • Metal Finishing


Rapidly evolving technological advances in the electronics industry continually demand cleaning chemistries and processes that can quickly evolve and adapt along with them. When critical elements in your process change, we change with them to suit your needs. All the while keeping up with the continuously evolving and improving solder technology be it no clean, water soluble or rosin. From PCB Cleaning to Stencil Cleaning, on or off the Printer, from wave fingers and reflow ovens to bench top cleaning in VOC sensitive locales, KYZEN’s best in class aqueous, solvent and semi aqueous electronics suite of technologies address a wide diversity of contaminants while effectively performing at the highest levels of compatibility with metals, plastics and elastomers.

Advanced Packaging

As electronic products increasingly move toward more mobile and hand-held devices that are lighter, thinner and higher powered, the demand for advanced packaging has grown exponentially. While the newest generation of Chip Scale Packages, Flip Chip Packages, Wafer Level CSPs and 3-Dimensional IC Packages has been gradually replacing conventional packaging, KYZEN has spearheaded the development of fine pitch packaging technology that provides better control, increased reliability and better functionality of the circuit board assembly. KYZEN provides advanced packaging cleaning solutions that improve performance at a lower cost, are safe and have less environmental impact.

Metal Finishing

At KYZEN we know that the high performance demands of metal parts cleaning doesn’t stop at the cleaning process. The Industrial Metal cleaning process demands reliability and performance each and every time. Unless a surface is free of lubricants, oils and other imperfections it’s not clean enough for further operations. Both Soils and Metals change in Metal Finishing, and our experienced team of KYZEN engineers adapt and innovate to meet new and growing demands and challenges whether from oils and coolants, metals, smut, oxides, additives or abrasive compounds.

KYZEN offers safe and effective metal finishing products which address a wide range of manufacturing requirements, for cleaning and protecting metal parts.These industrial Metal Finishing products like modified alcohols are designed to meet the production

These industrial Metal Finishing products like modified alcohols are designed to meet the production criteria regarding metals, process, and soils. We have products to clean and brighten brass, clean and protect aluminum, remove carbon smut from deep drawn steel or general metal degreasing. It all depends on the metal cleaning needs of our customers.